Anti Aging

**Includes signature massage (hands, arms, shoulders, trapezium, décolleté and neck)

Fusion's Lift & Glow Treatment (face & neck): $215. 30% Lactic Acid exfoliation, Gentle Waves LED (see description below), custom-blended serums, and either a Collagen mask or the Triple Oxygen Blast (see below) all to rejuvenate, smooth, brighten, tighten, illuminate, and hydrate your skin to the max! 50 minutes.

  • Just the Lactic Peel and LED Treatment: $135 (30 minutes)
  • Just the Lactic Peel and Microcurrent: $105 (40 minutes)
  • Just Lactic Peel, LED, and Microcurrent: $180 (45 minutes)

Microcurrent Facial Toning: $45 (10 min.) Re-educate your facial muscles without the sagging, improve circulation & product penetration, stimulate collagen production, increase cellular ATP, improve tone & texture, lift, firm, & plump, and eliminate fine lines!

  • Single Treatment w/o facial: $85 w/ enzyme exfoliation / $105 w/ lactic acid peel (40 minutes).
  • Package of 3 ($120)
  • Package of 6 ($215)

Gentle Waves LED Treatment: The only FDA approved LED device to activate fibroblast cells in the dermis for collagen stimulation, rejuvenation, skin tightening, and wrinkle reduction. This non-thermal pain-free 1-minute treatment strengthens and smoothes skin over time reducing sun-damage, enlarged pores, discoloration, redness, fine lines and even wrinkles for a brighter, tighter, illuminated skin. Best results when initially done 1 - 2 times per week for 8 treatments. Benefits then last several months and can be maintained along with regular facials as an add-on.

  • Single Treatment w/o facial: $115 (w/ enzyme exfoliation) / $135 (w/ Lactic Acid Peel). 30 minutes
  • Package of 6 (face & neck): $400 
  • Add to any Facial: $50 (face) / $75 (face & neck) / $120 (face, neck, decollate) 
  • Chest: $50 
  • Hands: $50

Dermaplaning : $150 alone. $190 w/extractions. $220** w/extractions & massage:

Epidermal blading delivers the smoothest exfoliation while lifting the vellus hairs. Lactic acid is then applied to smooth, lighten, and brighten followed by a multi-vitamin oat nourishing mask; or add a Collagen mask for increased soothing & hydrating benefits for $20! This is the perfect alternative to Microdermabrasion for those with couperose, rosacea, hyper-sensitive, thinning or dry skin. 45 – 90 minutes.

Collagen Transdermal Mask : $20 / $30 with galvanic current. This is an intensive collagen concentrate for normal, dry or mature skin which plumps up hydration for a supple texture.

Ceramide Transdermal Mask: $20 / $30 with galvanic current. Conditions and repairs sensitive skin with herbal elements and powerfully fierce antioxidants!

Collagen Masks: $20 / $30 with galvanic current. Several to choose from according to your skin's needs. Specially formulated for sensitive, dehydrated, and fatigued skin.

Ionized Ampoule: $30
Choose from: Collagen / Elastin / Hyaluronic Acid / Vitamin K & Azulene.

Cold Jade Stone Rolling: $10 - $20 (5-10 min.) This anti-aging, toning, cooling, calming, and smoothing roller provides acupressure therapy and lymphatic drainage for face and neck!

Neck Revival Treatment: $50 Custom blended rejuvenation of the delicate neck tissue. Choose from either the brightening/firming Benefit Peel OR Lactic Acid/Microdermabrasion w/ LED firming light treatment. Add a Collagen Neck Mask for $10.

Anti-Stress Eye Treatments (All Include pressure point massage to increase circulation and reduce dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines):

  • Revital-Eyes Treatment: $20 with facial / $30 alone (includes face). Deeply moisturizing, rejuvenating, and soothing.
  • French Mango Eye Treatment with Mango, Elastin, and Vitamin K and C powders. A vitamin and extract enriched facial for the eyes to brighten, rejuvenate, and smooth the skin: $30 w/ facial / $40 alone (includes face, 30 minutes).
  • Collagen Eye Treatment: $10 Hydrating and smoothing.
  • Eye Contour Modeling Mask: $30 Firming and deeply hydrating.

Glycolic & Shea Butter Hand Treatment: $20 Exfoliating, smoothing, hydrating, and lightening! Heated mitts optional.

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