Most facials include extractions and are 60 to 90 minutes in length.
**Includes signature massage
(hands, arms, shoulders, trapezium, décolleté and neck)

Extended Extractions: Add $20-$50 depending on length of time.

See 'Chemical Peel' to add a deeper exfoliation.

Fusion's Lift & Glow Treatment (face & neck): $215. 30% Lactic Acid exfoliation, Gentle Waves LED (see description below), custom-blended serums, and either a Collagen mask or the Triple Oxygen Blast (see below) all to rejuvenate, smooth, brighten, tighten, illuminate, and hydrate your skin to the max! 50 minutes.

  • Just the Lactic Peel and LED Treatment: $135 (30 minutes)
  • Just the Lactic Peel and Microcurrent: $105 (40 minutes)
  • Just Lactic Peel, LED, and Microcurrent: $180 (45 minutes)

The Fusion Facial: $160** (Customized Skin Care Treatments from Deep Pore Cleansing to Intensive Hydrating) Fusing both cleansing and relaxation, this facial includes exfoliation, steam, extractions, high frequency, special serums, mask, and massage to promote and maintain healthy skin. 75 - 90 min.

Gentle Waves LED Treatment: The only FDA approved LED device to activate fibroblast cells in the dermis for collagen stimulation, rejuvenation, skin tightening, and wrinkle reduction. This non-thermal pain-free 1-minute treatment strengthens and smoothes skin over time reducing sun-damage, enlarged pores, discoloration, redness, fine lines and even wrinkles for a brighter, tighter, illuminated skin. Best results when initially done 1 - 2 times per week for 8 treatments. Benefits then last several months and can be maintained along with regular facials as an add-on.

  • Single Treatment w/o facial: $115 (w/ enzyme exfoliation) / $135 (w/ Lactic Acid Peel). 30 minutes
  • Package of 6 (face & neck): $400 
  • Add to any Facial: $50 (face) / $75 (face & neck) / $120 (face, neck, decollate) 
  • Chest: $50 
  • Hands: $50

Pure Refinity: $125 A mini-version of the Fusion Facial without the pampering. 60 minutes.

Quick Clean & Zap: $15 for 10 mins / $30 for 20 mins. It's a 911 for a monster or a few pop-ups that can be extracted and zapped or for just a Jessner peel on the spot(s)!

Teen Clean Facial: $100 Manage acne and promote healing with this deep pore cleansing for teens. No massage.

Multi-Vitamin Power Facial: $175**/$145 w/o massage (Using 1% Retinol, 15% Lactic Acid, 5% Salicylic Acid, Vitamin A, C, E) Exfoliating, lightening, and deeply hydrating. 75 - 90 minutes.

Microcurrent Facial Toning: $45 (10 min.) Re-educate your facial muscles without the sagging, improve circulation & product penetration, stimulate collagen production, increase cellular ATP, improve tone & texture, lift, firm, & plump, and eliminate fine lines!

  • Single Treatment w/o facial: $85 w/ enzyme exfoliation / $105 w/ lactic acid peel (40 minutes).
  • Package of 3 ($120)
  • Package of 6 ($215)

Oxygen Infusion Blast (adds 8 minutes to any facial) $30

Pure oxygen-infused serums that are encapsulated with Green Tea and within a catezome structure that bursts open every 40 minutes for 10 minutes are misted over your skin giving you a time-released clean, healthy, radiant and vibrant glow!

Oatmeal Infusion Facial: $170**/$150 w/o massage. Created to moisturize and soothe dry, sensitive skin. Enjoy a warm oatmeal mask to calm and hydrate! 75 minutes.

Manuka Honey Facial: $165**/$135 w/o massage. This antibacterial & hydrating honey from New Zealand is warmed & massaged into your skin to soothe & deeply moisturize. A milk & honey shea butter massage relaxes & softens the skin of your upper body. Best for sensitive/dry skin. (75 min.)

Aromatherapy Acupressure Facial: $120** (60 min.) An ancient approach to preventing and healing skin conditions by incorporating the principles of Yin and Yang, pressure is applied to key points (Tsubo pts.) w/ custom-blended aromatherapy oils to unblock and restore the flow of bio-energy (Qi/Chi) along the meridian pathways relaxing you to oblivion! Minor Extractions Only!
Can add massage for $20.

Express Renewal Facial: $70 (30 min.) A customized cleansing and exfoliation w/o extractions, followed by pressure point massage w/ essential oils to balance skin and diminish tension.

Blueberry Smoothie Facial: $100 (45 min.) An antioxidant exfoliating treatment using 10% lactic acid, blueberries, blue corn meal, jasmine, aloe, turmeric, basil, and pearl powder to buff away dead skin, brighten, and nourish. End with a collagen sheet mask to plump and soothe dehydrated skin.


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